What is a Rate Lock When Purchasing or Refinancing a Home?

rate lock

Sometimes during the mortgage process rates may be so low a borrower might want to lock them in. Often used during processing times, a rate lock allows the borrower to stay at the lowest rate with the same amount of points on the home loan. Find out more about this option and what it means for purchasing and refinancing a house.

Could This Be The End of the Mortgage Crisis in America?

mortgage crisis news

The mortgage crisis has caused problems for every, whether they owned a home or not. Could the end be in sight or is the road to recovery going to be much longer? Find out more about America’s mortgage crisis and what might be done to fix it.

Why are 30 Year Mortgages the Most Common Term Choice for Home Loans?

30 year mortgages

Almost every homeowner in America has purchased their home with a 30 year mortgage. Why is this the most popular choice for a home loan? Are there any downsides to choosing 30 year mortgages as opposed to 10, 15, 20 or even 25 year mortgages?

What Factors Can Cause Mortgage Rates to Increase and Decrease?

mortgage rates

By knowing what causes mortgage rates to fluctuate, a first time home buyer or current homeowner can track rates to finance at the lowest rate possible. Find out what kinds of news and information to look out for when tracing mortgage rate trends.

A 10 Year Mortgage Refinance Could Save You Money in Time

10 year mortgages

Many homeowners do not know the benefits of a 10 year mortgage. Find out what makes a 10 year mortgage the best option if you can afford to pay the higher monthly payments. It could be the most beneficial loan for saving you money.