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If you are looking at homeownership as an option in the near future you must first qualify for a mortgage loan. First time home buyer loans help prospective homeowners by offering low monthly payments and options for refinancing in the future.

Find out more about which mortgage programs will offer you the monthly payment you desire, a low mortgage rate and refinance options. Information about all first time home buyer loan options from government programs such as FHA loans and VA loans to conventional mortgages is available at Direct Your Own Loan.

How To Buy a Home From A – Z

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Quickly learn how to buy a home from A to Z. Taking advantage of low interest rates and obtainable home values is as easy as following our 13 steps. You could be living in your new home by the holidays but you need to act now before rates or home values increase.

The Benefits of FHA Loans

fha benefit loan

Home buyers looking to take advantage of low mortgage rates and average home prices may want to wait till after the government shutdown to purchase their new home. FHA loans provide many benefits but will not be available until after the government starts back up. Find out more.

First Time Home Buyers Benefit As Investor Demand Falls

first time home buyer

Investors are out and real homeowners are in, are you looking to buy your first home? First time home buyers can take advantage of low 30 year mortgage rates and steady home values. With investors starting to drop, it makes it the perfect time to shop for a new home to purchase.

How To Purchase Your First Home

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With the housing market returning to normal and home values still being very low, it is a perfect time for first time home buyers to get into their home. Find out how you can purchase your first home without the regrets of a first time home buyer by taking advantage of our tips. This is the biggest purchase of your life, finding out more about the process can help you make the best decisions.

18 Year Low in Homeownership Despite Ongoing Housing Recovery

18 homeownership low

Although there are many programs for easily refinancing your current mortgage, there are not many for home purchases. This could be one of the reasons why we are seeing an 18 year low in homeownership. The housing recovery is well on its way, could this mean more first time home buyer programs will soon be available to spur homeownership?

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