Mortgage Laws

Mortgage Laws

FHA Loans Become Less Appealing Following New Mortgage Rules

If you currently have an FHA loan or know someone who does, you may not know about the downside to these types of loans with the release of new guidelines.

New Home Loan Qualifications Standards to Take Effect in January

After the mortgage crisis in the past new mortgage laws are set in place to limit the chances of it happening again, this is called the Dodd-Frank Act.

New Lending Rules Could Make It Harder To Get A Loan

Although the mortgage approval process is much harder than it once was, there are even more lending rules that may come into play this upcoming year.

Qualified Mortgage Rules Set to Take Effect on January of 2014

With the new year comes new sets of mortgage laws. New Qualified Mortgage regulations could be something for homeowners and home buyers to worry about.

Controversial Plan Uses Eminent Domain To Purchase Mortgages

For the first time in history a city in the United States is planning to use eminent domain to acquire residential properties but is it helping homeowners?


Qualified Mortgage Rule Backed by Six Federal Agencies

Although backed by six federal agencies, too much regulation such as the Qualified Mortgage Rule, could be bad for the mortgage industry as a whole.

What the Responsible Homeowners Act Means for Struggling Homeowners

Could the Responsible Homeowners Act pave the way for HARP 3.0? Find out more about this new bill being backed by senators Barbara Boxer & Robert Menendez.

Ability-To-Repay Rule Comes Under Fire at House Hearing

Although the Ability-to-Repay rule was accepted by mortgage banks in the beginning of its creation, however recently feelings about the law have changed.