Mortgage News

Mortgage News

The Best Times to Buy, Sell and Refinance

If you have been thinking about buying, selling or refinance there are certain things you want to know to improve your investment. Find out the best times.

Jumbo Loans Are Driving Credit Availability

Now is the time to increase your investment's potential with a jumbo loan. They are being handed out in the highest numbers ever recorded. Find out why.

Home Prices up 7.5% for the Year

Home prices are up while mortgage rates are down. Are you prepared to purchase or refinance? Take advantage while you can because it may not last long.

New Report by Freddie Mac Shows Promise for Mortgage Refinance

There is something you should know if you have a Free Mac held mortgage note. A new report could show a refinance in your future. Find out more about it.

How to Get the Lowest Rate on Your Home Loan

Saving on your interest rate will help you to save over the time of your loan and it will lower your monthly mortgage payments. Find out how low you can go.


Subprime Lending Moving Back Into the Mainstream

Homeowners with less than perfect credit and home buyers who are looking to purchase without the best qualifications can now go with subprime loans.

When to Consider Refinancing For a Second Time

Determine whether refinancing makes sense for you or not. Many homeowners are now eligible to refinance for a second time but should weigh their options.

The Difference between How Much You Can Afford and How Much You Should Borrow

There is a lot to know about affording a home before you decide on the home loan amount you should borrow. Find out more about affording a home purchase.