Mortgage News

Mortgage News

Mortgage Applications Fall Despite Easier Access to Credit

It would seem now is the best time to take out a mortgage. With the number of loan applications dropping you could get your mortgage finished quickly.

Fed Official Suggests Lowering Interest Rates

Although the Fed announced slowing of their program which kept rates low, there is new discussion about trying to make mortgage rates drop even lower.

Home Buyers Struggle To Keep Up With Rising Home Prices

As home values steadily rise, home buyers are having a hard time finding a home to purchase. Although everyone wants the best deal, they should buy today.

Mortgage Loans for Business Owners

Often times when you own your own business it is tough to qualify for a home loan. With stated income, most business owners can get a mortgage loan.

Is This the Solution to Homelessness?

Looking to solve the nations need for low cost housing, some organizations have created a solution that could make homeowners out of homeless in America.


What is a Hybrid (ARM) Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Homeowners need options when it comes to lowering their monthly expenses. A Hybrid ARM could be the right option for many homeowners, find out how it works.

Congress Debates Mortgage Interest Deduction

A program that has been giving homeowners incentive to refinance or purchase a larger home may be taken away soon. Find out more about the debate.

Jumbo Loans Are Currently Available

Although the Qualified Mortgage Rule has gone into effect, jumbo loans are still available. Take advantage of rising home values and purchase a new home.